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larrysorenaj asked: Happy Bullshit Day! :D (Today is exactly two years since I became a Larry shipper)

Bahahahaha thats amazing. yesss!!!

September 16th 2014

No but I REALLY can’t wait for H&L to be out because I just want to see them doing normal domestic things and holding hands and getting into stupid arguments over nothing before they roll their eyes and kiss and make up and I just want to witness their love when they don’t have to hide it

September 16th 2014


Jimmy Fallon and his One Direction/Harry Styles obsession

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Plot twist: Ziam and Larry are just cover ups for the fact that Niall is the gay one

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britxbabes asked: Part 3 part 3 part 333333 How many parts do you think there will be?

There are 7 parts, plus an epilogue. They’re all written, I just need to go through and edit them a little bit. Hopefully they’ll all be up in the next couple of days.

September 15th 2014

The Demons That Tempt Me


Summary: Louis knows he isn’t crazy, because he knows that he can see Harry; he also knows he might be crazy because he’s the only one who seems to know that Harry exists, and sometimes, Harry can control him. Harry’s a possessive, crazy demon that ruins Louis’ life, except he really doesn’t. 

            “Louis, I’m telling you not to go,” Harry said with a warning tone in his voice and a dangerous smile.

            “You’re not real,” Louis mumbled pointlessly.

            “You’ve been telling yourself that for two years, love, and I’m still here. And you’re just as crazy as ever,” Harry smirked.

            “I’m not fucking crazy!” Louis yelled. “You know what? Maybe I am, because I’m sitting here alone in my house talking to a fucking demon!”

            “Don’t call me a demon, babe! I’m just as real as you are,” Harry smiled.

            “No you’re not! Nobody else can see you and I don’t fucking get it because you’re not real!” Louis yelled.

            “That’s not what you were screaming last night,” Harry said smugly.

            Louis blushed and clenched his jaw. “It’s not fair when you do that. Now I’m going to be late, Harry. This is important for my job. I’ll be back later. Please, just… wait here?” Louis begged.

            “Don’t go,” Harry warned again.

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The Mess I Made

The X Factor days were the best days of Harry’s life. He would always think back to them, back when he was young and happy and ignorant to the real world. He and Louis had each other, and even though they were never officially in a relationship, it was unspoken that they belonged each other, and everyone knew it. Louis was Harry’s first; his first love, his first time, and his first heartbreak.

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Chapter 2:

The American part of the tour was going well. Liam and Niall tried their hardest to make Harry happy again, while Zayn kept a depressed Louis company. As much as Harry didn’t want to admit it, things between them weren’t the same and they never would be, and it was only getting worse over the recent weeks in America. Harry had tried to distance himself from Louis, which in turn only made them both so depressed that the other three were fighting hard to keep the band together.

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You Save Me

Summary: Louis attempts suicide and Harry finds him. (Warnings: triggers for attempted suicide.)

            Harry had noticed that there was something wrong with Louis. He didn’t want to push him, because obviously it was something he wasn’t comfortable talking about, but he was worried. Louis was quieter, and he wouldn’t smile anymore. He’d been worried out of his mind, because there was something seriously wrong with his boyfriend, and he couldn’t fix it, and it was killing him. Every time he would try to bring it up, Louis just looked so tired and defeated, that Harry always thought, “it can wait until tomorrow, he needs to sleep.” So he’d crawl into bed with Louis, holding him tightly, trying to make the pain go away, but he knew it went deeper than that. When they were alone together in their house, Louis would put on a fake smile and tell Harry that he was fine, but they both knew that he wasn’t.

            One day after they’d finished with rehearsals and recording, and they actually had a few days off, Harry knew he needed to talk to Louis and figure out what was wrong, especially since Louis was having a really rough day. Harry didn’t take his eyes off Louis all day. He looked tired; his eyes were red and hollow, and he almost didn’t look like the same person, and it killed Harry to see Louis like that. He’d been trying hard to shower Louis with compliments and he’d tried to show how much he loved him, but it didn’t seem to be working.

Louis had asked Harry if he would get him a muffin from his favorite bakery across the city, which was odd of him, because he hated Harry going out of his way for him, but Harry jumped on the opportunity to make Louis happy. He left with a kiss and an, ‘I love you’ to which Louis nearly cried at, but said ‘I love you too’ and Harry was gone.

            Halfway through the ride home, Harry started getting a sinking feeling in his stomach, and he felt like something was very, very wrong. He pulled out his phone to call Louis and check up on him, but he saw that he had one unread text from his boyfriend.

            Louis: I love you and I’m so, so sorry.

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maudkennedy asked: There are these fics I really like as well: one is super cute where Harry's sick,he got got the flu and Louis is super sweet and takes care of him. The other one is way darker: Louis is depressed and sends Harry away to comit suicide because management pressures him too much and can't stand all those lies with Eleanor anymore. Fortunately,Harry realises on his way something's wrong with Louis and comes back on time to save him. That's a hard story but absolutely cute too.

Yeah, I’ve got both of those! I’ll post them soon :)

September 15th 2014
Anonymous asked: Haha I think I know the storyline to most of your fics because I read them so many times when they were up. BTW, if you ever feel like writing something on Arranged, you should know that I really, really enjoyed that one, and I would definitely want to read it again (even if it never gets finished. It was such an awesome plot!)

If I get the inspiration to work on it again, I will. I hate that it’s not finished. On another note, I’m so frustrated because I can’t find Lie To Me. Some of my fics are lost somewhere on my computer. I forgot about that one but when you sent that ask, I was super excited to find it again, but I’ve been looking on my computer for almost an hour and I don’t know where it is :(

September 15th 2014
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